How to Mount Bookshelf Speakers

Bookshelf speakers work best on various platforms, the trick is to position them in a way they can never fall off. Imagine waking up to a disaster like this, where you have to acquire new Bookshelf speakers. This is why you need to mount them properly to avoid damaging them, for safety and beauty. Here is how to mount bookshelf speakers.

mount bookshelf speakers

Step One: Acquire, new wall mounts from various stores. And have them in your possession.

Step Two: Once you have the wall mount, check for the for arm, clamps, faceplates not forgetting the clips and screws or swivels that may come with it. Ensure everything you require is present.

Step Three: The arm goes first, which comes with holes which one can run the wires through.Using the screws or any other means of joining they provide to keep the arm, strong and stable on the wall. Install the arm on the wall reading through the instructions provided with the wall mount carefully.

Step Four: Then install the clamps to the arm, carefully tightening it perfectly to keep them stable on the arm.

Step Five: The faceplates follow, a place the speakers can rest on. It provides an adequate surface area for the speaker, ensures no damages after installation.

Step Six: You can opt to go for the amazing wires than go through the holes provided in the arm. But if your speaker is wireless, it will do just perfect.

Here is a quick video to help you to wall mount your bookshelf speaker.

We hope this guide will help you to mount your bookshelf speaker properly and also you can check our best bookshelf speakers list from here.

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