Best Treadmill Under $500

We all want to be fit. Who doesn’t, right? We look at the pictures of all those athletic models and dream of exactly like them. But, most of the time these dreams stay dreams, barely do they become reality. More often our body gets decrepit and run-down.

Best Treadmill Under $500 Buying Guide

Sometimes we hit the gym; sometimes we follow a disciplined diet. But, most of the time we fail to continue because of our work, busy schedule or mere inertia.

best treadmill under 500

Well, maybe you can’t become as athletic as those athletes or supermodels, but at least you ought to become fit. It’s not just about looking more attractive, it’s more about staying healthy and lead a comfortable life.

You do not necessarily need to hit the gym to stay fit. Some simple workouts like walking, jogging, swimming or cycling are enough to keep you healthy. Walking is obviously the simplest of them all.

But it’s not always possible to go out and walk or jog. And a treadmill is just the solution for that. You can walk or jog whenever you want.


Which Treadmill Should I Buy?

Now, the question that comes to your mind is, “Which one should I buy?” Well, this article will hopefully help you find the answer to your question. There are two types of treadmills: Manual and Electric/Motorized. In manual treadmills, the belt moves when you start walking and stops as soon as you stop.

No electricity is required in manual treadmills. They are usually lighter and smaller in size, hence portable. They are cheaper than motorized treadmills but have very limited features compared to the others.

Electronic or motorized treadmills are run by motors. The motor runs the belt. They are bigger, heavier, and costlier and obviously have a lot more features than manual treadmills. Here, we are going to list 10 best budget treadmills under $500.


10 Best Treadmills Under $500 in 2020

  1. Weslo Cadence G5.9
  2. ProForm Performance 300i Treadmill
  3. Merit Fitness HTM0779-01 725T Plus Treadmill
  4. Merax JK1603E Easy Assembly Folding Electric Treadmill
  5. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7515 Smart Treadmill
  6. XTERRA Fitness TR150 Folding Treadmill
  7. Exerpeutic TF1000 Electric Treadmill
  8. SereneLife Smart Digital Advanced Treadmill
  9. Efitment T012 Treadmill
  10. Goplus 2.25HP Electric Treadmill



1 Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill Series

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Weslo Cadence G5.9 is one of the most basic electronic treadmills. This is a great treadmill for walking; for running, not so much.

This treadmill is quite small in size, which can save a lot in your home. After the workout, you can just fold it and put it in a corner. For this reason, this is one of the most suitable treadmills for home.

Its 2.25 horse powered motor can run up to 10 miles per hour. It has a 2-position adjustable manual incline. The track is cushioned.

All these features make you are running powerful and comfortable. The large LCD monitor shows your running speed, time and distance you ran, and calories you burned.

It has six preset workout programs designed by certified trainers and a built-in thumb sensor to track the heart rate. It has a pretty fair running track.

Its 50 inches long and 16 inches wide track is ideal for walking or jogging, but not quite for striding or running, especially for tall people.

It doesn’t have any extra accessories like music speakers, bottle holders and so on. And the running belt is a bit noisy. The motor of Weslo Cadence G5.9 has a one-year warranty, and 90-day of parts and labor warranty, which is not much compared to other treadmills.

If you are a person of regular height, and looking for a treadmill for mere walking or light jogging at an affordable price, then this is just the perfect treadmill for you.



  1. Affordable price.
  2. Space saver.
  3. Preset workout programs and built-in thumb sensor


  1. Manual Incline
  2. Bit noisy
  3. Limited warranty
  4. No extra accessories



2 ProForm Performance 300i Treadmill

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ProForm Performance 300i is one of the highly-rated mid-budget treadmills. It has a ProShox cushioning system, which makes it very comfortable for walking. There are 16 preset workout programs that will help you work out easily and effectively.

You can read your running speed, distance, time, burned calories, heart rate, and other data.This treadmill supports the iFit app, which can provide you additional data and professional guidance for better workouts. It also is Google Maps and Bluetooth compatible.

All these features let you take your workout to a whole other level. You can compare your workout to your friends, or simulate the real world. While doing so, you can listen to your favorite music on its 2 built-in stereo systems. In addition, it has a bottle and tablet holders.

It has a 10 percent automatic incline which is somewhat average. But all the other features make up for this small drawback. ProForm Performance 300i Treadmill has 5 years of motor and frame warranty and 90 days of parts and labor warranty. All these features make it the best treadmill under 500 dollars.


  1. 16 preset programs
  2. iFit, Google Maps, and Bluetooth compatible
  3. Foldable frame
  4. Quiet
  5. Great warranty


  1. Small running surface
  2. Small incline slope
  3. No cooling fan


3 Merit Fitness HTM0779-01 725T Plus Treadmill


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Merit Fitness HTM0779-01 725T Plus Treadmill, another cool treadmill for you, if your budget is just about $500. For walking or light jogging, this is the perfect treadmill. In addition, there are quite a few features that help you improve your workout. Its two-window LED display shows your speed, distance you covered, the time elapsed, your heart rate and more.

It reads heart rate with thumb pulse. There are seven preset programs and few pre-programmed workouts like a cardio burn, hill climb, and endurance challenge and so on. Its automatic incline has the slope up to 10 percent. The aerosoft cushioning system keeps your feet safe from shock.

There is also a safety clip, which shuts the motor down in case you are pushed too back. In addition, there is a sound system with a port for mp3 jack. So you can listen to music during work out.

It has a lifetime of warranty on frame, 2 years warranty on the motor, and 90 days on parts and labor. If you want a treadmill with some pretty cool features, you can buy it.


  1. Foldable
  2. Aerosoft cushioning
  3. LED display


  1. Noisy
  2. Limited warranty on parts and labor


4 Merax MS020307BAA JK1603E Folding Electric Treadmill Motorized 


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Merax MS020307BAA JK1603E is one of the cheapest electronic treadmills available in the market. It also is one of the smallest. This 52.8 inches long and 23.6 inches wide treadmill takes very little of your home space.

After folding, it becomes even smaller. And for its lightweight, you can just fold it and put it anywhere you want. Its LCD display shows your speed, distance covered, the time elapsed, calories burned and more. It can also read your heart rate.

The motor is quite quiet. There is a safety switch in case of an emergency. It also has 3 preset workout programs. There are 3 different manual incline settings.

However, it has some drawbacks as well. It can support only 220 pounds and the running track is pretty small. The 500-watt motor isn’t ideal for running at all.

But, its comparatively cheaper price makes it the best budget treadmill under $500. So, if you are looking for a cheap treadmill with so many features and can fit just right in at your home, then you should go for it.


  1. Affordable price
  2. Super space saver
  3. Quiet motor
  4. Easy to assemble


  1. Small running area
  2. Top speed of only 6.2 MPH
  3. Manual Incline


5 Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7515 Smart Treadmill



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Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7515 is a great mid-range treadmill with a variety of specs. Its 1 horse-powered motor can run up to 8 miles per hour. The best thing about this treadmill is its technological features.

It has a 12 levels automatic incline. The digital monitor shows the reading of 8 workout programs, for instance, your running speed and distance, time, calories you burned, your heart rate and so on.

You can even record all the readings for future calculations. There is a console for three user profiles, which means you can save and calculate the record of three different people. There are three different countdown systems: calories, time and speed, and BMI manual BMI calculator as well.

Bluetooth system allows you to connect your phone with the treadmill. You can answer your calls via the Bluetooth system. You can even listen to music from your phone or portable music device when you work out as it has a built-in stereo system.

There are also tablets and bottle holders. From your phone to watch, everything has become smart, why shouldn’t your treadmill?

It has 3 years of frame warranty and 90 days of warranty for parts. So, if you are looking for a walking/jogging treadmill with great technological specifications, look no further.


  1. Auto incline
  2. Foldable
  3. 8 programs, 3 user profiles, BMI calculator, 3 different countdowns
  4. Bluetooth connection, stereo system
  5. Tablet and bottle holder


  1. Limited motor capacity
  2. Tablet put on the holder covers the quick speed controls


6 XTERRA Fitness TR150 Folding Treadmill



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The XTERRA Fitness TR150 is a treadmill that has both quality and durability. It has a motor of 2.25 horsepower which allows you to run-up to the speed of 10 MPH. Its XTRASoft cushioning absorbs the maximum impact.

There are 12 preset workouts programmed which will allow you to work out on different levels of intensity. It also has the handgrip pulse reading function.

The 5-inch display shows the reading of running speed, distance covered, time, calories burned, etc. It has 3 levels of manual incline and 50 inches long and 16 inches wide running surface to have intense work-out.

Its heavy gauge steel frame makes it extra durable. It has a lifetime of frame warranty, a 1-year motor warranty, and 90 days of part and labor warranty.

It, however, doesn’t support Bluetooth or any mobile app. But, its cheap price makes it the best budget treadmill under $500. if you want a treadmill for a long time use in the low mid-budget, then XTERRA Fitness TR150 is what you want.


  1. Durable
  2. Not noisy
  3. 12 preset programs
  4. XTRASoft cushioning


  1. Manual incline
  2. No Bluetooth and mobile app compatibility


7 Exerpeutic TF1000 Electric Treadmill

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Exerpeutic TF1000 Electric Treadmill is a high capacity walk to fitness treadmill. It has a maximum weight capacity of 400 pounds. Its 1.5 HP motor allows you to run-up to the speed of just 4 MPH.

The treadmill has quite a few drawbacks. It has a manual incline with only two positions. The console has no preset workouts programmed. The LCD monitor displays only workout data like speed, distance, time, calories burned, etc.

Although the running track is 20 inches wide, its length is just 40 inches, which makes it hard to stride.

However, despite all the drawbacks, which makes it stand out from others is its huge weight capacity. If you are an overweight person, then this is the ideal treadmill for you. And as an overweight person running is not forte. So, 4 MPH motor is also perfectly ideal for you.


  1. Heavyweight capacity
  2. Wide running area
  3. Goal settings
  4. Pulse grip monitor


  1. Running area is small in length
  2. Speed only 4 MPH
  3. Manual incline
  4. No workout programs preset


8 SereneLife Smart Digital Advanced Treadmill


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SereneLife Smart Digital Advanced Treadmill is one of the smartest products on this list. You can connect to iFitShow or another sports app from this treadmill, which makes your workout more intense, challenging and enjoyable.

This app is compatible with both iOS and Android, and you can easily connect it to tablets, mobiles even laptops via Bluetooth connectivity. 12 preset workout programs help you set your workout intensity to different levels.

There is also a hand grip sensor for pulse reading. The LCD display with screen touch control shows the work out readings like running speed, distance covered, the time elapsed, calories burned and so on. There is a built-in stereo system.

You can listen to music from your USB drive or SD card via the USB port.

Its technical specifications are just as impressive as its technological specifications. Its 47.3-inch long and 16.5-inch wide running deck is pretty spacious to run. 2.5 HP motor allows you to run up to 10 MPH.

It has an impressive 15 levels of automatic incline, which is one of the best features among the treadmills of this price range.

All these cool features make it the best budget treadmill under $500. So, if you are looking for a treadmill that has pretty much everything at an affordable price, then look no further.


  1. 15 levels of automatic incline
  2. Supports iFitShow app
  3. Built-in speaker
  4. Bluetooth compatible
  5. 12 preset workout modes


  1. No cooling fan



9 Efitment T012 Treadmill

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Efitment T012 Treadmill is a combined feature of smart and quality technology. While most smart treadmills are large in size, Efitment T012 is pretty compact. With folding compatibility with a soft drop hydraulic system and transportation wheels, you can just put it anywhere you want after your training.

The big LCD display shows running speed, distance, time, heart rate, calories burned and more. You can even monitor your current and target pulse rate. 9 preset training modes help you work out on different intensity levels.

There are dedicated buttons to speed up/slow down your running speed or change the incline slope. Bluetooth compatibility lets it connect to your smartphone. You can listen to music on its built-in speaker.

It has a pretty spacious running belt for comfortable jogging and 15 levels of an automatic incline up to 9.8%. At this price range, you will be able to find all these features in very few treadmills.


  1. 15 levels of automatic incline
  2. Portable
  3. Bluetooth compatible
  4. Built-in speaker


  1. No cooling fan


10 Goplus 2.25HP Electric Treadmill


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The last in our list is an easily foldable Goplus 2.25HP Electric Treadmill. Its easy folding system and soft drop mechanism let you fold it easily and put wherever you want after your training.

The 5-inch Blu-Ray LCD display shows you the training readings such as your running speed, the time elapsed, distance covered, calories burned, heart rate, etc. Its 12 preset training programs help you boost your training and work out at different levels of intensity, and ultimately burn your fat more effectively.

You can run comfortably up to 7.5 MPH speed on the 47 inches long and 17 inches wide running deck. 3 levels of manual incline allow you to work out at different intensities. The safety key prevents you from any kind of accident.

If you want a durable treadmill for moderate use and features, then you should go for it.


  1. Blu-Ray LCD display
  2. 12 preset training modes
  3. Heavy duty
  4. Safety key


  1. Manual incline
  2. Maximum speed is only 7.5 MPH
  3. Limited weight capacity


Here we have listed 10 best treadmills under $500 price range. While some treadmills are cheaper in price, others have some advanced technological features. On the other hand, some have a combination of great features and comparatively lower prices.

Now the choice is yours. And finally, one humble request doesn’t make your treadmill a showpiece of your home after a while; keep working out and stay fit.

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